The maker of the clouds is livio rabito, sicilian singer and songwriter, after several experiences around italy and europe with groups like randone and baciamolemani, he has decided to define his own personal music identity.


Livio Rabito is a Sicilian songwriter who began his artistic career in 2000 with the Eneide Rock band, with inspirations coming from progressive music with a “psychedelic existential” mind.

In 2003 Livio Rabito begins to collaborate with Nicola Randone, father of the disc Clouds of Yesterday, considered by the critics the best Italian progressive album of 2003. With “I Randone” (Nicola Randone’s group)   Livio recordes three albums: Ricordo (2004), Hibla Act 1 (2005) and Ultreja (2014), all produced by “Electromantic Music” of Beppe Crovella, well known keyboard player of the band Arti & Mestieri. The band collaborates with the Finnish Association Colossus and Musea Records. The Randone are chosen with another five other international world famous bands, for the recording of two double discs “Spaghetti Epic 1 and 2″ projects dedicated to respectively, “Once Upon a Time in the West” and “Good the Bad and the Ugly”  of Sergio Leone.

In 2008 Livio becomes part of the band “Baciamolemani” with them he goes around Italy on tour, where they will share the stage with the great Italian artists such as Roy Paci, Africa Unite, Mario Venuti and many others.

In 2011, the group presents their second disc “L’albero delle seppie” (Kasba Music), Livio composes two of the ten songs of the album, “Bambinieddu abballa abballa” and “Al mio funerale”. The album is full of collaborations among them the Catalan group “La Pegatina ” in the single “La Corriera “. It’s the beginning of a long tourneè, the “Eurocorrieratour” which sees the band engaged in more than 100 appointments around Italy, France, Belgium and Spain.

2013 is the year when Livio begins working on his first solo project “La Fabbrica delle Nuvole” (The Factory of Clouds), the name that will be given to the Sicilian songwriter’s debut album.

Livio  gives birth to this project to give life to some of his ideas kept until now in the drawer; eleven songs, eleven different sound rooms all different from each other, surrealistic trips and real experiences that describe the intimate interior of the artist.

The colourful sounds interconnect inside the various songs, wrapping together, landscapes and the actors of the stories, love stories for the sea, stars and lambs.

The Pre Production and part of the final work is recorded at “The Factory of Clouds studio”, otherwise the author’s home, where Livio arranges, experiments and records various instruments; the rest of the recordings are done in Misterbianco (Catania) at “Nuevarte Studio” by Carlo Longo, a friend and a professional who finalises the work Mixing and Printing the album.

The guitars played by Vincent Migliorisi are recorded in collaboration with “Mai Ohm” Studio.